Top ways to maximize the use of your credit cards in 2020

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A credit card can be a double-edged sword however if used correctly it can be someone’s best asset. This article will cover some of the DO’s as well as the DONTS

Credit cards can be one of the best tools to strengthen your financial situation however if used incorrectly it can cost you big time.

As you know by know a credit card is only good when used responsibly. Handsome cash back, airline miles and sometimes even hotel points are offered by many credit card companies however they aren’t there just to pay for your trip or your hotel.

Credit card companies strategically offer these deals because they know the calculated ROI they may have by offering these offers. You see you might be a responsible adult however sadly most people aren’t good at budgeting and spending.

Credit Card Usage
Credit Card Usage and Ownership Statistics (2019 Report) - ValuePenguin

Credit usage has been on arise since the past 10 years. With easier ways to pay with your mobile/ smart devices one must be crazy to still pay in the good old ways ‘cash’.

With the increase of credit cards there also has been an increase in left over balances. This is what the banks pray on. Leaving balances lead to higher compounding interests and sometimes if not used correctly credit cards can be deadly.

Best time to use credit cards

The best time to use credit cards is when you TRAVEL and know you have the money to spend. Booking a Hawaii trip and ripping the benefits from your card can be very strategic. However this isn’t the case all the time. Going to Hawaii and earning travel points is amazing however, if you can’t pay for it within 30 business days you should forget about it!

Another great way to save money is by using your credit card to pay for rent vs paying a money order / cash. If you’re already have cash in your bank account, instead of paying your landlord cash ask if there are any other alternative payment methods like credit cards. This way you will pay with the credit card and right away pay your balance off.

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