What is Cash App?

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How to send and receive money from friends using Cash App

What is Cash App?

Cash app is you guessed it right an app which involves cash. Simply cash app is one of the best things that has happened when it comes to collecting payments quickly and easily all through your smartphone or even yeah your other devices!

How does it work?

Cash app is operated on a peer to peer platform. Cash app can be used for sending and receiving money almost instantly. Cash app is great because it eliminates the process of giving someone an account number / routing number like back in the day. Cash app uses only your email to identify and route payments.  (Ofcourse you will need a registered account for this to work)

FDIC Insured?

Unfortunately no, at least not yet!  

Pros of Cash App

  • Easy to use! (UI is friendly)
  • Established Consumer Base (Popular peer-to-peer network)
  • Free Debt Card to access funds quicker!

Cons of Cash App

  • If you send a wrong payment, it’s probably gone forever! This app is pretty much irreversible and can’t be canceled.
  • You need to download on your phone.